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Margaritis - Wholesale Plant Trade - Olives - Citrus fruits - Pelion - Volos

FLOWERS {expo}

Ornamental & home care for indoor and outdoor use.



The fruit or fruit trees are deciduous or evergreen and grown mainly for their edible fruit ...



Citrus trees are trees of warm regions, without strong frosts or fierce winds.



Our country is the ideal place for the proper development of the olive tree.

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Welcome in our page!

Our company "Margaritis Plants of Pelion" is active in the area of ​​production and wholesale of plants and has one of the most beautiful villages of eastern Pelion, Anilio, at an altitude of 600 meters.

It is a family business that produces and markets plants that grow and thrive in Pelion.
Our modern facilities, care, passion and zeal make our plants qualitatively separate, resulting in the first place in the Greek market.

The first steps of our company began in the mid-70s where Lavrentios Margaritis held a position in the then central Athens flower market (Veikou). With the passage of time and the needs of our customers, the company turned to the distribution sector, where it distributes our plants nationwide, but also in Europe, to the seats of our associates. Over the years, our business is dedicated to serving and working with our customers. This goal continues to exist and every year we are trying harder to develop.
At present, our company owns two large-type trucks, which distribute our plants throughout Greece and abroad.