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Margaritis | Pelion plants
High quality plants & trees!


Shrubs, ornamental plants and flowering ideals for all gardens and yards. Decorate, decorate and give vividness to every outdoors in the countryside, on the mountain or near the sea, planting them in monotonous or in compositions or creating low or high fences.

Some of the plants you find in us :

Gardenia | The most popular fragrant plant.
Azoricum | It is an ideal choice for fences, for pergolas but can also be cultivated as a pendant or ground cover.
Camelia | Camellia is a flowering ornamental shrub that stands out for its impressive glossy foliage and its single or double flowers.
Hydrangeas | Hydrangea is a deciduous ornamental shrub, suitable for both the garden and the terrace.
Azalea | Azalea is a wonderful and extremely popular flowering shrub belonging to the family of rhododendrons.
Dipladenia | Double or Brazilian jasmine is one of the most beautiful evergreen climbing plants.
Bougainvillea | The bougainvillea is a climbing spring plant with impressive flowers in red, purple, pink, white and orange shades.
Arabian Jasmine | The arabic jasmine with its sweet sweet aroma floods the summer nights!
Stephanotis flower | Also called Madagascar Jasmine & is a perennial climbing plant, with glossy, light green, oval leaves and relatively slow growth.
Lucidum | Vicious Lusitum is a shrub or shaped fast-growing tree with shiny, large, green-green foliage.



Για περισσότερες πληροφορίες σχετικά με όλα μας τα είδη, καθώς και για μεγέθη και ποσότητες, μπορείτε να επικοινωνήσετε μαζί μας .